I’m often met with comments like “you are so talented”.

Often I used to go, oh no, I’m really not, and feel very uncomfortable. Secretly feeling both like they didn’t know what they where talking about and just a little bit resentful, even a little annoyed.

Annoyed because, “Hello! look at it, it’s no where near perfect!”. I was listening to myself rather then them. The proportions weren’t right. His nose wonky. In my acting, as well, I knew what I wanted to achieve and I was no where near it. I almost wanted people to say, you’re shit. Just to confirm what I was thinking. I’m not talented. I don’t have that magical God spark, out of this world talent that I was thinking of. I wasn’t a mozart. (Because when I was younger THAT was talent. Being able to write a masterful symphony, blind folded, you know, just…

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