2 thoughts on “VOTE COUNTING 101 for CIVIL SERVANTS

  1. Re: elections, when will “people” wake up to the fact that it always was a set-up, never, ever meant to benefit anyone except the power holders? The answer, the solution: so simple, guaranteed no one can get it: become a self-empowered individual who does not need any of that apparatchik of power. Don’t listen to them; boycott the “news” about them; don’t talk about them, don’t even allow they exist; certainly don’t vote! It’s not “money” or words that supply the energy these vampires live off of, it’s your EMOTIONS! They’re sociopathic energy sucks and they literally drink your blood and your children’s blood and if that is not enough they get you to go “overseas” and kill innocents so they can suck on that blood also. The self-empowered can see this, but no one else. So… stop empowering them by even thinking about them: they don’t exist. Put an end to their illusion of power.


    1. I agree that the outcome of any election is only as “true” as those participating. I pulled the plug on all things Advertising driven over 4 years ago. I become drawn in and out of the conversation by a simple trigger, My 4 year old GDaughter and wanting to leave something of quality, be that basics to physically survive or aesthetic and beauty of those humans that lived before her. I also enjoy true debate and sharing ideas even if I’m not agreeable with all participating. Thoughtful conversation and allowing everyone’s voice to heard is almost more important than what is said. I will always be dumbfounded by people who are so willing to vote against their own best interest, usually because of social, religious or desire to fit in with a beckoning group or leader that uses this empty charismatic tactic, over and over with great success sadly. I just felt like calling out the US Supreme Court, because sadly as the High Court Goes so Goes a Society of Laws. If a law is interpreted by a weak, bigoted or corrupt Judge or Jury why follow law. Our own Policy and Law makers tell their constituent’s witch Minority to shun and disenfranchise to distract from their allowing their Handlers to get away with whole sale slaughter of us all. Like you said VAMPIRE’s.


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